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Summer Camp for Creative Entrepreneurs - Dixie Belle Retailers Only




6 Weeks Fast Track


About the Course

Who remembers Summer Camp?

It was fun, full of activities, making new friends, and ultimately learning new things. Well, let’s have a Summer Camp for Creative Entrepreneurs.


Summertime tends to be a bit slow in the world of retail. What a perfect opportunity to work on your business. Whether you are a booth owner or a brick-and-mortar owner, this Summer Camp Course will inspire you to take a breath, step back and view your business from a variety of perspectives with one goal... take steps to become more profitable as you GROW!


Our Summer Camp course is NOT like all the courses you see advertised online with canned information, a magical promise, and an astronomical price tag inflated to show you the perceived value. The real value in this course is how it is structured and the pertinent content. There are 10 major topics that focus on becoming more thoughtful and intentional with your business growth along with best practices and strategies to reach your targets. Through Facebook LIVE sessions each topic will be presented and discussed and there will be small activities, like collecting data, walking your store with a checklist, analyzing information, and then putting things in action. That’s right we are going to take actions with social media campaigns, SEO, understanding online stores and shipping too. We will try things out together. I won't be just talking at you - rather with you!


I would say the expectation would be 2-3 hours a week. If you cannot make the LIVE sessions, you can always watch in replay. You will also have access to your private group beyond the course. Handouts will be provided at no additional fees. You will get to know other retailers and find out what has worked for them as well.


SO… What is keeping you stuck?

What is causing you to compromise?

Let’s deal with what’s holding you back.

Stop treating the symptoms and let’s go to the root cause and remedy it!

Are you doing too much? Do you need to narrow your focus?

Conversely, are you doing nothing?

Overwhelmed? Paralyzed by too many options & where to begin?


All the difficulties are really circumstances that have been strategically placed in your path to make you stronger, more resilient, and ultimately savvy – so that you may handle new opportunities that open even more doors and profitability.


Savvy, isn’t that in your logo? You betcha! Savvy is when you have spent some time striving to reach your goals in business and you realize that to become an “authority” in your business involves a process of continual development, learning, communication, and problem solving. It is a compliment when someone is said to be business savvy!


So, let's disrupt that daily grind of running your business or store front and going through the motions wishing you were gaining more foot traffic and sales. This Summer you will do more than just go through it; you are going to GROW Through It. Set yourself up for growth!


You may take advantage of this introductory offer, either a $198 one-time payment - or 2 subscription payments of $99.

Class begins May 22 and will end June 30. All you need is only 2-3 hours/week. The number of participants is limited. Registration is open now through midnight May 15; unless seats are full. I can’t wait to share all the ways you can GROW your business and become savvy!

Register & Enroll Here:

Your Instructor

Luanne Parker

Luanne Parker
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