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All of our products are one of a kind, original designs made by hand. We specialize in making lighting, wine holders and other fixtures with re-claimed wood and unique hardware. You will find that these items become a focal point of any room and give it a warmth and style that is unparalleled.

Now offering custom laser Engraving on Glasses, cutting boards and more.

Linda Schroll

I was born to be creative and have had the fortune to always follow that path. I have been an entrepreneur and graphic designer for over 20 years. My traditional art background in illustration, design and color theory has always spilled over into all areas of my work. I believe it is invaluable when communicating with clients and designers, because I truly understand the language. It is with great joy that I have finally teamed up with my amazing husband builder extraordinaire to develop Urban Rooster. I love being creative and when I am not busy designing and marketing, you can usually find me being creative on the ice at the local Ice Den!

Dave Schroll

I grew up on a farm in Ohio where I was taught not only the value of hard work but to figure out how to get things done. Building and understanding how things work led me to study Industrial Engineering and later to get my Masters in Engineering Management. I think this training has helped me to continue to be curious about how things are built and how I can make them better.  I love working with various types of wood, metal, electronics and the mechanics of design.  If I am not busy building or designing something I am usually playing guitar, my other love. With my very creative wife's encouragement we have finally teamed up with our best talents to create unique elements for the home and work space. I always aim to think of each detail that would make these elements special and incorporate them into each build.

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