Amber Thomas

I'm Amber, the gal behind Spare Time Designs. By training, I am a Medical Social Worker and after graduate school, I spent about seven years in the professional world - primarily in hospice care.  When our first child was born, I decided I wanted to be a stay at home parent. Not long after our second child was born in 2013, I realized I had to find something I could do from home to keep from going stir crazy and, hopefully, bring in some extra income!

So I dug out an old projector a friend had given me and started making a few signs here and there and selling them through social media. Then I bought my first saw - a small table saw. Pretty soon I had more orders than I could keep up with and started investing in more tools and learning new techniques. Thus, Spare Time Designs was born.













Crafting didn't come out of the blue, though. I had footsteps to follow. My mom used to do several craft shows a year around Arkansas when I was young. She and my dad often dragged me and my brother along and, as my brother often says, the first 30 minutes weren't so bad, it was the next 7 hours that got boring! Occasionally, I did get paid to help and I even remember negotiating my rate to paint a bunch of tiny wooden blocks - a whopping one penny each!

I love making signs from stuff other people would just throw away, like wooden pallets, old cabinet doors, hurricane damaged fence, dock wood, barn wood, window sashes, old picture frames, and so on. Never did I think I would be making signs, doing a yearly craft show, and partnering with Rustic Journeys all while being able to stay home with my kiddos. I am very blessed and lucky!

My Mom